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The club magazine "Der Deutsche Spitz" (DDS) is produced quarterly and sent to all club members. The price is included in the yearly membership fee.

The magazine contains news from the groups, show information and other club activities. Also provided is information about upcoming breed show dates and the unabridged judge reports of recent shows.

The magazine is a good source of information for breeders and stud dog owners and offers the possibility for advertisment.

Since 1997 there have been various special editions which concentrate on one of the spitz varieties. These can be bought for EUR 4,00 (international EUR 6,00).


"Der Deutsche Spitz"

Peter Machetanz

Angerstraße 5

D - 86179 Augsburg

phone: +49 8 21 - 81 29 43

e-mail: or:  


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Club Magazine binders

Club Magazine binders


Rugged construction with metal clips to store up to 10 magazine and printed on the front and rear with the club emblem.

  • one binder incl. postage EUR 7,-

  • 2 binders incl. postage EUR 12,-

  • 3 binders incl. postage EUR 18,-

  • further binders each 4,- Euro

Payment is by check or postage stamp only.


Ordering address:


Claudia Holtmann
Suerburgstraße 3
49324 Melle
Tel: 0 54 22 - 21 49


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information broschure about the Spitz and the club.

DIN A5, 56 pages,

complete colour

- out of stock -

Der Deutsche Spitz - Ausgabe 191 Der Deutsche Spitz - Ausgabe 194 Der Deutsche Spitz - Ausgabe 198
Der Deutsche Spitz - Ausgabe 199 Der Deutsche Spitz - Ausgabe 201 Der Deutsche Spitze - Ausgabe 201
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DDS 220 DDS 221 DDS 222
DDS 223 DDS 241 DDS 225
DDS 226 DDS 227 DDS 228
DDS 228 DDS 230 DDS 231
DDS 232 DDS 233 DDS 234
DDS 235 DDS 236 DDS 237
DDS 237 DDS 239  

Word Dog Show 2012 Salzburg (A)

Der Deutsche Spitze - Ausgabe 216 Weltsieger Salzburg 2012    Der Deutsche Spitze - Ausgabe 216 Weltsieger Salzburg 2012


article for downloading as PDF (german language only)



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